Thursday, August 09, 2007

NEWSFLASH: Attack of the Beavers....

In yet another example of the endless dangers of swimming in rivers or better yet, filler-pabulum content as the world trudges through a long, hot summer, FlatsFishingOnline feels compelled to pass along this "news" event.

The regional Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda reports that a grandmother taking a leisurely swim in a Swedish river was sent to the hospital after a beaver attacked her with its tail. The local authorities made the decision to kill the perhaps dozen or so beavers living along that shoreline to "eliminate any further risk to local bathers."

In another shocking event, a wading angler pursuing a large tailing bonefish reports being followed by a 6-ounce puffer. " All it took was one look in its eyes to see it was up to no good", was how the terrfied fisherman put it. The angler left the water immediately and called us. He has chosen to remain nameless to counter the inevitable onslaught of concerned inquiries, but felt it was necessary to report the incident for the public good.


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