Saturday, November 15, 2008

World of FishCraft....

Anyone that's familiar with that fabulous online world that my title so shamelessly rests on has a real sense of epic feeling. One keystroke transports you to a universe where good, evil, heroic growth, fiery tears, and a thousand other archetypes await. In our devolving planet, most folks hunger for something larger than themselves and their small struggling world and, so, World of Warcraft has come. So much that manifests on earth and beyond is the outcome of our soul's stirring and striving.

For whatever reason, I was tapped -from a dusty time that I can scarely remember- to fish. It became clear to me in my youth that this fiery hub of obsessive adventure was the true center of who I was and this thing called a life were merely momentary forays along the spokes that my true calling so charitably provided. And for this thing that moves me, I'm eternally grateful. There are other natural-born anglers that understand this world I live in and others that won't because they are visitors.

Just a peek at perhaps one grain of sand on a never-ending beach is what this blog is about. If you stumble upon this, look behind the words and images and ideas...just maybe, the real shape of this world might really appear. One tool that should help is that the true angler stands with neither rod nor reel.

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