Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27 "Whack 'Em"- Report

Don Eichin and I started out the day in the midst of some pretty harsh onshore winds, yet very much with a sense of promise because this is the time of year that south Biscayne Bay begins a seasonal push of tarpon, ladyfish, and with a bit of luck, mackerel and bluefish as well.

The prior week featured some excellent action on both the outgoing and incoming tide. Today began with alot of silted ocean water pouring through on the flood tide. Because of the chilliness to the water, I've continued to employ jigs on plug rods as the method of choice for working the entire water column.

Action unfolded sporadically: a gag grouper got things started, followed up by a bluefish caught and released out of a marauding school. As the tide topped out, things got quiet- but I was fairly sure that if I stuck to one of my spots on the outgoing tide, the action would pick up.

And, indeed, it did. The action reached the kind of pitch the double-headers were common on large ladyfish and bluefish for the first hour. During hour number two, pompano joined the fray and kept our rods bent- some of these fish were over three pounds. I'm looking forward to a pompano dinner shortly while looking back on a day filled with the pleasing kind of results that come from angling experience and perseverance.


February 27 "Whack 'Em"

Another blitz day...stay tuned for report and pix....


Friday, February 20, 2009

February 20 Goes Off With a Bang....

Lots of action with friend Don Eichin today. We boated and released 4 bonefish, 6 ladyfish, a few big mackeral, and jumped 1 very large tarpon. In addition, we caught all manners of "incidentals", including this poorly-photographed sea robin by yours truly. If the cold front is minimal and water temperatures stay up, it won't be long before the spring fishing really "goes off."
Images by Jan Maizler and Don Eichin

Jan Maizler

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jupiter Bonanza with Captain Butch Constable (1-561-74-SNOOK)...

Yes, it was good to fish again with the Maestro of Jupiter. Butch had us in all-day action with mackeral and bluefish schools that were absolutely huge. If that was not enough, Captain Butch guided friend Don Eichin to a 27-pound jack that he released and to a 30-pound cobia that I kept.
This is all part of an exciting story that will appear in CyberAngler soon.
Contact Data:
Captain Butch Constable
Phone- 1-561-74- SNOOK

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Shooting the Shoot....

Saturday February 7 was the day for shooting the images for an upcoming article in Sport
Fishing Magazine. I headed down to Islamorada under some "cloud-canopy" skies to meet photographer Pat Ford, and Ranger Boats' Captains Larry Jett and Jim Dalrymple. Everyone did their best in these efforts and I feel optimistic about the outcome.
Pat Ford
Ranger Boats
Captain Jim Dalrymple