Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall's Realization at Self-Assertion...

As a full-fledged front sweeps the state of Florida-its "foot" giving a little taste to the Yucatan Channel as well-the fishing is changing in SOFLA. It's now a windier, cooler world down here, with daylight savings poised for another clock change and as jack o' lanterns go up in the windows and porches of traditional Americanos.

My scouting trip yesterday in North Biscayne Bay was a sour soupy enterprise and yielded few happy discoveries. Prefrontal winds were up to 20 mph and the Bay was baitless from Haulover to Government Cut, save a patch of finger mullet tucked up into the lee of a Miami Beach indentation. All of that had me rethinking that better plans would have inculded catching the incoming tide at Stiltsville for bonefish. I took refuge in the mantra, "such is fishing", but wondered whether that self-utterance wasn't becomimg my consolation prize of the last two weeks.

That said, I headed to the grass flats in the hopes of some action. The final results were a few nice seatrout that would only strike fresh pinfish fillets. I was glad that hair hooks, split shot, and a bit o' bait are always part of my North Bay kit!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Looking Forward to Casa Blanca Lodge...

It's with great pleasure and excitement that I look forward to traveling to Casa Blanca Lodge right in the midst of Ascension Bay off Mexico's Quintana Roo state. Their website is .

For traveling anglers headed to the Yucatan Peninsula, visiting this destination is like getting a new Lexus on Christmas morning. In other words, their reputation is stellar. In addition, I'll be visiting its sister lodge, Playa Blanca, on Espirito Santo Bay. Both habitats offer vast flats for bonefish and permit as well as lagoons, canals, and bays for snook and tarpon. Florida Sport Fishing Magazine looks forward to telling the Casa Blanca story to all of its readers.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall's Arrival in South Florida

It has been torrid in SOFLA. To this angler, it looked like the days of summer would never scram, despite the daily shortening of daylight. This morning carries gustier, drier and cooler air from the Far North and the Gulf Stream is "humping up." These are welcome signs!

Two days ago, on a much too August-like Friday, I fished the flats around Key Biscayne and northern Stiltsville. There were a few schools of finger mullet showing up. When these schools passed through structure like pilings or over rocks, the snook came out to feed on them. Using a small DOA TerrorEyz, I released two small snook. I pulled in a school of bonefish from the crown of a flat and hooked a honker, but lost the fish as it ran into a channel and hung me on a submerged lobster trap line.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Canadian Maritimes....


If you are a Florida writer-like myself- who also covers destinations outside this state, you know the importance of developing and maintaining solid contacts in these venues. I’ve just returned from the Canadian Maritimes and Atlantic Coast. The following contact data is composed of professionals who were profoundly helpful in the generation of ideas, facts, and services for story development and image support. If you are headed towards this region or mulling over international destinations, you’ll find these good people invaluable.

Saint John/Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

1.Margaret Totten
Tourism Saint John
POBox 1971
Saint John, NB, Ca. E2L 4L1
Telephone: 506-649-6046
Fax: 506-632-6118

2.Beth Kelly, CTP
Aquila Tours
POBox 6895
Saint John, NB, Ca. E2L 4S3
Direct Line Telephone: 506-631-0142
Telephone: 506-633-1224
Fax: 506-658-0969

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

1.Deanna Wilmshurst
Communications Manager
Destination Halifax
1800 Argyle Street, suite 802
Halifax, NS, Ca. B3J 3N8
Phone: 902-423-1133
Fax: 902-492-3175

It appeared to me that the lake, stream, coastline, and offshore sportfishery had not been developed fully: this fact gives the region and its beautiful habitat excellent potential. Wildlife is prevalent in this region and the whole area had striking fall colors at the time of my visit. I’m happy to answer any further questions.

Jan Maizler

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thanks, Captain Alan !

A fishing trip today with Captain Alan Zaremba was a great way to ease back into Miami urban life. Under his tutellage, we fished the Magic City's canal system and did remarkably well using lures with light spin and plug tackle. By 11 a.m. this morning, we had released 26 peacock bass, 5 largemouth bass, and 1 jaguar guapote. It was a pleasure fishing with him, and it's likely he is South Florida's Supreme Peacock Authority.

Captain Alan's website is and his email is . His phone is 954-961-0877.

While we fished, he told me of some adventurous tales of huge peacocks in the rivers of the Brazilian rain forest. Captain Alan offers wilderness Peacock charters in Brazil as well as his marvelous mainstay Peacock fishing in Dade and Broward counties. I'll be writing a great deal more on Captain Alan in the near future.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Back From The Canadian Maritimes...

There is so much to say about this magical region. My travels focused on Halifax, Nova Scotia as well as Saint John, New Brunswick.

These provinces are abundant with fish, lots of wildlife, and some unforgettable geography. Like a fine wine, these regions will be slowly savored on the palette of my experiences and ultimately well-and-thoughtfully described. What a marvelous corner of the earth!