Friday, February 26, 2010

Still, Tarpon....

I just could not go for redfish in my skiff all day, catch a couple and feel satisfied....for me, it's tarpon. Though the Gold Coast tarpon have survived the cold with ease, the only places they're eating at is around the cuts and adjacent beaches, or else the nighttime bridge shadow lines. Generally, this is a live shrimp presentation fishery with a smattering of fly fishing at the bridges.

I enjoy my tarpon in shallower water and in close quarters. This kind of tarpon fishing belongs more to the warm days of Spring, but I've been releasing a fish "here or there."


Southwick Associates Survey

For Immediate Release: Feb. 25, 2010

Top Fishing Equipment Brands for 2009
FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. - Southwick Associates’ announced the brands and products anglers preferred most in 2009. This list has been compiled from the 34,185 internet-based surveys completed by anglers who volunteered to participate last year in polls.

In 2009, the top brands:

Top rod brand: Shakespeare Ugly Stik (16.4% of all purchases)
Top reel brand: Shimano (23.0% of all purchases)
Top rod and reel combo brand: Shakespeare (25.7% of all purchases)
Top fishing line producer: Pure Fishing’s Berkley line (Trilene, Fireline, Big Game, Vanish) (42.6% of all purchases)
Top hard bait brand: Rapala (30.6% of all purchases)
Top soft bait brand: Zoom (16.8% of all purchases)
Top spinner bait brand: Strike King (16.6% of all purchases)
Top hook brand: Eagle Claw (34.5% of all purchases)
Top sinker brand: Bullet Weight (19.0% of all purchases)
Top fly rod brand: Sage (16.7% of all purchases)
Top fly reels brand: Orvis (11.1% of all purchases)
Top fly combo brand: St. Croix (18.0% of all purchases)
Top fly line brand: Scientific Angler (28.8% of all purchases)
Top fly brand: Orvis and Cabelas tied (11.0% of all purchases, each)
Top fly leader brand: Rio (28.4% of all purchases)
Top fly tying material brand: White River (60.5% of all purchases)
Top fish finder or sonar brand: Humminbird (42.9% of all purchases)
Top tackle box brand: Plano (55.8% of all purchases)
Top landing net brand: Frabill (20.2% of all purchases)
Top fishing knife brand: Rapala (22.6% of all purchases)

* 48% of all fishing tackle purchases involve terminal tackle (hooks, sinkers, swivels, etc.)
* Largemouth bass remain the number one targeted species of freshwater fish, with nearly 60% of fishing activity targeting largemouth bass.
* Saltwater anglers were more varied, with 25% of trips targeting any fish that bites, followed by striped bass (23%), flounder (21%), red drum (20%) and seatrout (20%). Please note these refer to species targeted on trips and not the number of fish actually caught.

The marketing data presented here is a summary of a 135-page report that details consumer behavior including what products and brands are purchased, where they are bought, how much customers spend, and demographics of freshwater and saltwater anglers broken out by each product category. Current information about what gear and brands anglers prefer, how many days they spend on the water and what type of fishing they enjoy most is vital to businesses trying to build their customer base.

About and
Launched in 2006, and help the outdoor equipment industry, government fisheries and wildlife officials, and conservation organizations track consumer activities and expenditure trends. The information above represents only a small sample of the vast amount of data that is available from the complete survey results. The results are scientifically analyzed to reflect all U.S. anglers, hunters and target shooters.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Official Statement on Purse Seine Fishing or Net Fishing‏ by The Bahamas Government

Official Statement on Purse Seine Fishing or Net Fishing‏ by The Bahamas GovernmentBy Ministry of Agriculture and Marine ResourcesFeb 23, 2010 - 10:03:17 PM
Press Statement Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources
Purse Seine Fishing or Net Fishing
The Government of The Bahamas is not minded to permit the use of purse seine or net fishing within the waters of The Bahamas.
This method of fishing could result in the possible depletion or signification reduction of the fishing stocks in Bahamian waters. Having regard to the importance of sportfishing to the Tourism Industry, the Government takes the position that purse seine or net fishing will not be permitted in The Bahamas.
Consequently, the necessary amendments to the Fisheries Conservation (Jurisdiction and Conservation) Act and Regulations will be made, in order to maintain a sustainable level of fisheries resources within Bahamian waters. The legislation will prohibit the use of purse seine or net fishing to ensure that all fisheries resources, including migratory fish, are maintained at sustainable levels.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food for Thought...and an Image by Art Blank

Some of the best moments of our angling/adventuring/traveling lives comes from dreaming our dream before even living it....and then, sometimes when it happens, it feels like we've been there before...

Many of us that live a passionate life happen to fish. Some of us are familiar with the saying that "fishing has little to do with fish" and that's obvious. I've always felt that angling in places urban or wild not just reattaches us to the planet, but reminds each of us -if we care to look-of who we've been for thousands and thousands of years.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wintertime Tarpon.....

When the wind laid down and the water flattened, I was sure the conditions would be right for spotting rolling tarpon.

I eventually found quite a few rolling fish, but the chilliness in the water made the silver kings very slow to strike. I eventually released a 25-pound specimen on 8-lb. spin- but the pickings were slow and eventually boring.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Profitable Bad Weather Interlude....

As the low pressure system and trailing front headed to SOFLA, I changed strategies and locations when I saw the morning wind was placid.

The tarpon were there and I released a super-bright specimen around 25 pounds- I saw lots more roll until the wind picked up at 9 a.m.


Friday, February 05, 2010


In the modest hopes of recreating last week's unfolding tarpon action, Don Eichin and I set out early Friday morning.

While we did see a total of about 12 tarpon from 10 to 100 pounds rolling, the action was zero. We had gale force winds all morning...even in the back bays. By 10:00 a.m., a rain squall drove us back to port and we called it a day. I consoled myself with a bag of baked Cheetos and set about catching up on chores.