Saturday, June 09, 2007

High Summer and Big Bone Errata...

There was a persistent east-northeast wind that was blowing across the Gold Coast followed by sunny skies after three days of tropical system downpours- but it's stll fairly windy. These conditons coaxed me away from the bonefish flats friday, a day which featured a cloudy morning and a slow outgoing tide. I headed for North Bay. It was cooler from the rains plus was suffering the discharging of tons of water out of one of the SFWMD canals- puzzling, with all the governmental hand-wringing about a South Florida drought! I was able to get outside of that cold freshwater plume and found a few rolling tarpon. Luck was one my side and I released an 80-pound fish. The rollers quit fairly quickly in all that breeze and I headed to the grassflats. This fertile area yielded 2 trout of about 4 pounds. The secret- oversized strip baits.

Later that day as I was finishing a manuscript, I got a call from a reader as to where the biggest bonefish in the world were likely to be found. My answer was as follows (in no particular order):

* Islamorada-"downtown"
* Key Biscayne
* Green Turtle Cay
* Bimini
* New Caledonia- northernmost flats
* Oahu/ Molokai- Hawaii -possibly the most overlooked spot

Although there are big bones elsewhere, I'd like to hear of other places where the monster fish occur with such regularity as the above locales. I'm happy that my life in Miami puts me close to four of the six pots o' gold!


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